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    The Notebook


We at Providence Shop have been sharing warnings for many years. We have tried to reach World Agencies & Denominations, and more recently, National TV & Radio Ministries. Now our aim is homes and the local church-Especially in the U.S.A.

We feel a special need to encourage you to take all mentioned on this site serious. We believe that this is the third and final stage to this project, which we began way back in 1990. And though the U.S. is calm right now, we believe this will change. Not too long back, we believe God has given the U.S. a second chance to repent and return to Him. If God does not intervene...The 'quiet time' we may be experiencing now is to allow time for God to call on hearts for Salvation. This has also been said by other ministries. How long this will last is not known.

God still warns before He acts. And no one is guaranteed another day down here on earth. You want to be ready no matter the situation today. Ask God to show you the truth about the many warnings and The Ezekiel Files shared at Providence Shop. Visit the links provided. Make sure you and your loved ones are saved...And get your home and church ready for the changes coming!


So check back often and visit The Notebook at Providenceshop.com

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"Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you..." (Joshua 1:3)

It's time to walk through your city...And pray!

We walk out our door every day to go to work, school, or wherever our daily routine takes us. We drive through neighborhoods, and walk into schools, businesses, government buildings, parks, churches and cities every day! We spend hours each day at work and in areas where much prayer is needed. With all the chaos, violence and changes happening in our nation today, now is the time to pray every day for our family and neighborhood...

And take prayer to the streets wherever you go!
(Daniel, in the Bible, prayed three times a day!)

Whether it be a church, group, family or individual, let God use you through serious and heart-felt prayer to give your territory back to God for protection and His will to be done. And whether you are a small church or a mega-church...Instead of sitting in the pews, open the doors and have your congregation take it to the streets! Walk through the city, claiming it back to God! Walk around schools, hospitals, buildings and through your neighborhood, as you reach out to the needs of others and work with other churches, ministries, food shelves and more to do all you can to help.

We currently live in a nation and society that is breaking down. No matter how prepared the government might become, it will never be able to provide to the people what God has called the Church to do. Just like the nation needs to turn back to God, so must the Church. There are changes heading our way possibly very soon (if it is not here already)! Now is the time for the Church (ALL who believe in and confess Jesus Christ as Lord) to get serious with God and humble our hearts before Him and do His will.

As mentioned on the Main Prophecy Page, now is the time for the local church to get prepared! Many changes are coming, and both the church pastor and it's members need to prepare to support both the spiritual and physical needs of the community. Make sure you as a pastor (and members in the church) are right with God and doing His will. Preach and share The Gospel. And be careful how you use God's resources. All the blessings and resources God has given to you belong to God's Storehouse-And need to be used for the work of God.

Please keep in mind how important it is for you, the preacher, to share the full Gospel of Jesus Christ (THE GOOD NEWS) for God to convict and save the hearts He has placed under your care. No 'feel good' preaching is going to save or prepare hearts for eternity or the days to come! However, if you have a heart for God, and you preach the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ in God's Word...Know that the Holy Spirit hears, moves and will deliver hearts for God!

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