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Below are messages and warnings received from June of 2009 to November 2013 (not included in The Ezekiel Files), and alerts from others warnings the U.S.A.!

Internet Warning

The Providence Warning
A follow-up to The Providence Warning
A National Call To Prayer

A mighty shaking is coming to the U.S.A.
Keep your eyes on God and His Word
Is God warning of another 911?
Here is what God wants from the U.S.A.
A plea from the Lord to return to Him
This is the time to prepare
Are you My friend or My enemy?
Stay focused on preaching the Gospel
God speaks of total destruction to wake America up
Abortion and the blood on American hands
No 7-year warning for the U.S.A.
Get ready for the shaking coming

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Internet Warning

First shared in 2009

Computers and the internet operate our economy today. Many depend on it to run their business, ministry, and household. However, for one reason or another, the internet might not exist in the very near future. If your survival comes from the internet, take precautions. Be ready to do your business without it-Just in case computers and the internet were to be shut down suddenly, for long periods of time, or for good!

A mighty shaking is coming to the U.S.A.

Message Received June 10, 2009

I am about to come up against America, says the Lord. Get ready for ROUND/PHASE TWO.

Turn your hearts to Me, you people. You people of America. Never mind the troubles you are in (or have caused), but turn your hearts to Me! Salvation is more important than your treasures, says the Lord. Where you will spend eternity�This is what you should be thinking about, says the Lord.

Look into your own hearts�Really take a good look! What you will see is pride, arrogance, ignorance of Me and all that I provide and give so willingly and freely. Yet, many of you choose to walk away from Me-Turn your back on a living God!

One day it will be too late, for I sound a trumpet call for all to listen. To look up and receive your redemption. For soon, very soon, I will call the final trumpet upon the United States of America!

I call on the shepherds of God-Those I have called to guide My people, says the Lord. You have walked away from your responsibilities, the care of those I love, says the Lord. No more shall you get away with it. Many shall see your failures and they shall shun you, for you did not teach (or continue to teach) My true Word-My truth so that they may be saved and set free with My Spirit, says the Lord. No more shall you get away with this, says the Lord. No more shall you be able to turn your back on Me or My people and walk away freely with no guilt or sin. I see and I know ALL THINGS, says the Lord. And My justice shall be seen by all! Go and retrieve My people, says the Lord. And finish the work I have called you, My shepherds, to do. For soon, very soon, America will become desolated�Unless she turns to Me and repents, says the Lord.

You have seen the destruction a bad economy can do, says the Lord. This is what sin can do, says the Lord-Sin with no repentance. Do I need to have a hand in this, says the Lord? This is the result of sin-Of turning your back on Me, your God. America was the land of the brave-Of the free! They were once a land of peace because they honored Me, says the Lord. But now many have turned their backs on Me-Even buildings built in My name, says the Lord, no longer respect Me or give Me honor! So, thus says the Lord, destruction shall come�Thou a remnant shall remain and stand tall-Those who still choose each day to love Me and obey Me, says the Lord.

Do I sound like the �God of the Old Testament�, says the Lord? Do I sound mean and heartless to some of you, says the Lord? I am a God that does not change. My love is real-I am real! And what you sow you shall still reap, says the Lord. And America has sowed destruction and shall reap destruction.

Is there still a chance to change, says the Lord? You who want to return to Me and change things in your life-And in your country�Is there still a way to turn around? Yes. All who want Me, return to Me with a true heart-a repentant heart-and receive Salvation, says the Lord. Only through Me shall you live a life of Eternal Salvation.

Heads up, America! For all the changes coming to America are from My hands! You have set the path of your own nation, and soon it shall fall if it does not repent! In Jesus� mighty name, I call on hearts to return to Me-To spend precious time with Me! Now is the time to get My protection over your own heart, home and church, says the Lord! This is the only way!

Begin to prepare this day, says the Lord. For a mighty shaking is coming over the United States of America. And it will shake every nation that watches from a far. You shall become an example of those who turn their backs on a living and true God! But you shall also be restored�And many will watch and know that I am a living God that restores and still loves today! Your mighty God speaks.

(Scripture given: Matthew 24)

Keep your eyes on God and His Word

Message Received June 13, 2009

There is nothing that�s coming that I don�t know about, says the Lord. (Remember this!) There are many changes coming to the World and the U.S.A. (especially the U.S.A.)! Just keep your heart and eyes on Me, your Lord-And My Word. Don�t allow others to put fear into your hearts. I say do not fret. But trust Me, your Lord, and operate by faith. I shall guide all who look to Me.

You, My children, must separate/divide the things from Me from the things of the World, and respond accordingly if you are to stay in My peace and will. Your mighty God speaks

(Read Philippians)

Keep your heart and mind on Me at ALL times! Always seek Me before you respond to the things to come-Especially to the U.S.A.

Is God warning of another 911? If so, what does God want from America? (See notes and Message below)


The message below refers back to the FOREWORD ON NEW YORK CITY (found at the beginning of the book). It refers to Tyre, whom God uses as an example to the U.S.A. and what happened on 9-11. Two Scriptures mentioned in this foreword included Isaiah 23 and Ezekiel 26-28. Below are a few facts to keep in mind before you read the next message:

- The main message Ezekiel preached for God was this: "They shall know that I am God". Ezekiel also preached "Judgement to the surrounding nations" (one of those was Tyre).

- In the book of Isaiah (a Prophet for the Southern Kingdom of Israel-Judah), Isaiah spoke of "the appalling wickedness of Judah", including RELIGIOUSITY (a great show of religious service with no repentance or obedience), idolatry (serving other gods), greed, drunkedness, injustice, and so on.)

- God doesn't change. The same God you see in the Old Testament still exists today...And still speaks today to those who will listen and warns them ahead of time on what He plans to do.

- A few months before the 9-11 attacks, God kept leading me back to Isaiah 23. This is happening again, and God has warned of another (type of) 9-11 to wake America up!

All we can do is warn and encourage hearts and homes (and churches) to return to God through Jesus Christ. Because God does not change, God still hates sin, and God still gets angry-Just like He did in the Old Testament, He does so today. However, today we can go to Jesus Christ for Salvation and a covering of our sins, and be given the power inside to live for God.

Is this God speaking in all of these messages? Some will know it's Him through the conviction of their own hearts. Others will see it's Him by what they see come to pass! And there will be many that will not listen but mock any warnings given by anyone. I share these messages and warnings with you in the same faith you will need to heed to them and turn back to God. God does still rule and sees all. And He still is a jealous, but very loving and patient God and wants all to be saved and ready for the days to come. Please take heed to these warnings, and receive the protection of God over your own heart and home (and to the shepherds of God-your churches and congregations).

Message Received July 9, 2009

Tyre represents the World-and all it's pride and arrogance-it's sins against God. They have placed themselves-their hearts-above God's, and believe they cannot be touched (or ruled) by God.

In this case, Tyre stands for America-With it's walls of beauty. Walls that have become the envy of man and all he posseses. God is not in their minds or hearts-Nor do they want God or anything He stands for.

America has puffed herself up and has built on the foundation of sand. It shall not take much wind to knock her down, says the Lord, so that eyes shall again return back to Me, says the Lord.

You have built your own personal tower(s) of Babel, says the Lord, with the sins of your own hands. And it has become an abomination to Mine eyes and heart, says the Lord. And thus, I shall bring it down because of Mine anger, says the Lord God.

America-The great America-shall (begin to) shake by Mine own hands, says the Lord. And all the nations shall look on and see an America crumble by the hands of God because it-Even the shepherds (the teachers of God)-have turned their back on Me.

Repent America. For I once built you up. And I can bring you down the same way. Your luxuries shall be no more. Return to Me. Your mighty God speaks.


- I want the churches that belong to Me, says the Lord, to return to Me with ALL their hearts and preach My Word. Open up the doors so My people can come in and truly be saved and delivered, says the Lord.

- I want the White House and ALL it's leaders to return to Me with ALL their hearts and do My will, says the Lord. To be saved, delivered and led of My Spirit-My Holy Spirit-The Helper, says the Lord.

- I want households and businesses to return to Me will ALL their hearts, says the Lord. To do My will, says the Lord.

- I want justice, says the Lord.

- I want reverence and respect, says the Lord.

- I want ALL your love and attention, says the Lord.

Turn back to Me, says the Lord, and let America prosper once again. Only in Mine eyes and with Mine hands shall this be done. In Jesus' mighty Name! Your mighty God speaks. Return to Me!

Deliver this to the people. They shall see that I AM God!

A plea from the Lord to return to Him

Message received January 17, 2010

"I am your Creator, says the Lord. Turn your hearts to Me-Return to Me. Seek Me from within your own heart.

Now is the time to begin a new. The past is behind you. I can make all things new, says the Lord God if you return to Me with all your heart and seek Me and My plan for you.

The world offers you no hope. But through Me, you can do all things! I set things up in the Heavens! I bless and don't condemn those who trust and belong in Me, says God. Renew your hope and your direction by returning to Me today!

I am a personal God and I want you to get to know Me and My love for you. Then you shall have/obtain the peace and confidence in Me alone.

Seek Me-not man and what the world offers. I have My own Kingdom that rules by Mine own hands, declares the Lord. Seek ye those things that I can and will provide-If you would just return to Me, your God and your Salvation.

Hearts are tired. Hope has faded away. But only in the world, says the Lord. Only if you're expecting the things of the world to bless you and your loved ones. But if you walk into My Kingdom, says God-If you begin to look to Me, get to know Me and My ways, and find out just how much I love you and can care for you as My child (I still take care of My own children, says the Lord), then you shall see the plan I created you for.

Remember...I know and see all things! My hope is you will return-Really return and seek My love and kindness for you-So you can rest in My love and power alone.

Many have returned-But not with their hearts. Ask for My Spirit (the Holy Spirit) to fill you up-The Spirit of Truth. Let Him teach you My Word and show you who I am, says the Lord. (Get alone with Me, says the Lord.) Only in Spirit can you please Me and know Me and My Word.

This year will continue to bring much changes-In the world and in the lives of many. But if you return to Me and trust Me-Get to know Me-Seek Me with all your heart and time-You shall be given a new direction and hope.

Make me your best friend, says the Lord. (Honor Me in all your ways.) And I will lift you up daily. And you shall know I am real and there (within you) always and forever! Your loving Lord, Jesus Christ.

Worship Me-Rejoice! Give thanks for all things, says the Lord. Focus your eyes and heart on Me alone! When you're alone, sing a song to Me, says the Lord-And watch your heart and mind, your attitude (with Me) change. Do this always-And My presence shall surround you and fill your home (and church).

Keep your eyes on Me! Your loving God speaks to all who choose to place their trust in Me alone! Make Me, your God, number one! Put Me first! And I will move those mountains for you!

Your loving Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Father, who live in Heaven and walk with you through the Holy Spirit living in you and all who believe! Let us come and work on your behalf. Let us come and make our abode within you!"

Suggested reading/Scripture with this message

Malachi preached to a lukewarm people who lost their faith in God after years of struggle and poverty. In Malachi, you can see the results-And find out the importance of trusting in God, even when God seems far away. Take special note of Malachi 3:6-God does not change! What God wanted in the O.T. He still wants today-For His children to have faith and really trust in Him!

John sets out the claims of the diety of Jesus Christ, how belief in Jesus brings about a new life, and how it demands a personal decision on our part to believe and walk with Him. In John, God shows how His Kingdom operates-And puts everything into perspective!

PSALM 91 When You Trust In The Lord (Known as the ER Psalm...91:1)
In Psalm 91, David shows who God is and what He will do (still today)-IF you place your trust in God alone! Note the quotation marks around the last paragraph in Psalm 91, where God leaves a personal message to David (and to all believers who trust in God).

Know what God your Father wants from you is for you to spend time with Him, get to know Him, and begin to trust Him for everything! As the Scripture says, "Draw near to God and God will draw near to you." (James 4:8)

This is the time to prepare

Message received June 10, 2010

"This is the time to prepare-To live for Me. Come into My Kingdom through My Son, Jesus Christ. Then ask Me anything and I shall answer you. Ask me into your heart-your home-your church-And I shall mend all wounds and restore, says God Almighty.

Yes, this is the time to get prepared, says God. Put Me first! Prepare your spiritual lives with Me and My Word-My Spirit. Seek ye My Kingdom, and all things will follow in My Name and line up day by day. Trust in My Son for your Salvation each day! Believe and walk with Me, your God-Expecting Me to do all things. All in (through) Jesus' Mighty Name! Your mighty God speaks."

Are you My friend or My enemy?

Second Message received June 10, 2010 (Or part 2 of message)

"Are you My friend or My enemy?

"Are you gathering souls for My Kingdom-Or are you a wolf that comes to scatter?

Are you preaching My True Gospel in faith so many shall hear and believe and be saved-Or are you preaching a false Gospel?

Is your heart truly in love with Me, your God? Have you stepped out in My Name, not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ-Or are you friends with the world?

Are you ready to give your life for one of the sheep (if you had to)?

All teachers and leaders-Children of God-Are you being led of the Spirit and truly doing the will of Me, your God?

Return to Me if you have strayed, and I shall forgive you and restore you. I shall make you mighty fishermen in My Name. (Your Salvation may depend upon it.) Your Mighty God speaks."

Stay focused on preaching the Gospel

Message received in 2011

"Focus on Me, Salvation and preaching (and sharing) of the Gospel! Tell all of the Good News and how to receive it! Respond to My call to all for Salvation of your souls! For soon the end of this age shall come-The Church Age-All who belong to and have received Me, Jesus Christ!

Whatever your profession-Whether young or old, Jew or Gentile, rich or poor! Your mighty God speaks. (2 Corinthians 2:14-15)

If you do not do what I say-follow Me-the truth-the Word (I am the Word, says the Lord), then you are not of Me. If you love Me, you will obey-follow-live in My Word (what it says).

Many are believing (being told) a lie, and because of it are not saved. Only through Me, Jesus Christ, can one be born again into My Kingdom. Do not listen to what man says, but know (read-accept-receive-live by) the truth-My truth, and be saved and sanctified-Changed-Receive My heart-My Spirit-the Holy Spirit within you. Your loving Lord, Jesus Christ through the power of My Spirit, says the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God (Abba Father)!"

God speaks of TOTAL DESTRUCTION to wake people up!

Message received April 16, 2012

"My people worship Me with their lips. Their hearts are far from Me, says the Lord. Even-Especially the Christians in America, says the Lord. What will bring their hearts back to Me, says the Lord? Will it not take total destruction to awaken them? Truly bring them back, says the Lord? And so it shall be. Your loving Lord speaks.

Be-Get ready, for the harvest is white! And many shall come running to hear and receive a word from their God! And true repentance-A true revival shall take place. Many shall lose their lives. But a remnant shall truly return-turn their hearts and homes back to Me, their Lord, in Jesus' Name. Remember, I am coming to collect the hearts that belong to Me! If I saw Sodom...I can see America."

The message continues...

"If they understood Salvation (My plan of), they should know that this is where I'm trying to lead them...To My only safe place, before it is too late for them.

Why judge America? I judge all nations, especially those whom I've blessed greatly! People think that I've changed. But I never change, says the Lord. All I did was provide 'a safe haven/place' for my people to be safe/saved. A Savior-My Son! For, judgment comes onto the world-nation by nation, and then the end (end of grace, end of salvation) shall come. Remember this. Now is the time to collect and call on hearts that truly belong to Me, your God. All in and through the Name of My Son, Jesus Christ...The ONLY SAVIOR FOR THE WORLD! Amen and Amen.

All glory and honor belongs to Me, says the Lord. And soon, My Spirit shall rule again and forevermore. Your only safe place is to enter through the narrow door, for wide is the gate that leads hearts to destruction...I want people-My people-to acknowledge Me and love Me from within their own hearts. This is salvation, says the Lord...To know Me! Your mighty God speaks."

ABORTION and the blood on American hands

Message received April, 2012

"I see America as mostly a pagan nation, sacrificing up millions of children to their gods. Compare yourselves to the Canaanites-A Scrupulous people I took much pride in destroying! Not even Sodom and Gomorrah aborted innocent babies, says the Lord. Much blood has been put upon American hands. The destruction I have planned for her, because of it, does not come close to what she (America) truly deserves!"

I have alot to be angry about, says the Lord. Once a great nation-One I blessed mightily, says the Lord-Is no longer the case. Once a moral nation-one that served Me with all their hearts-Now a scrupulous, white-washed nation with only lip service to Me, their God. Once a very wealthy and powerful nation will soon become a hungry nation overpowered by it's enemies of old.

Like My church, not all is bad. I shall destroy the wicked in hopes America will again return to Me. Place the blood of the Lamb over your hearts and homes. For My anger is close at hand. Your loving Lord speaks."

(Scripture received with this message: Isaiah 23)

When God judged the nation Israel, judgments usually followed every 7 years if hearts did not repent and turn back to God (as noted by Jonathan Cahn in 'The Harbinger'-See right column). However, be sure to read the next message, one which tells America NOT TO WAIT FOR 7 YEARS...

Don't wait for a 7-year warning for the U.S.A.!

Message received May 2, 2012

"Sodom didn't get a 7-year warning. God destroyed it all in one day! Noah didn't get a 7-year warning. When the time came, Noah and his family got into the ark and God shut the door. Lot didn't wait for a 7-year warning. He knew it was time to go-Yet had to be led/forced out because his family hesitated-didn't want to go. Neither shall America get a 7-year warning. What pertains to one nation (say, Israel) may not be the same for another.

Don't wait for a 7-year warning in America, says the Lord. It will hot happen in this way. Are you going to wait for a 7-year warning to give your hearts to Me, says the Lord? If so, still America shall not repent and turn their hearts to Me, their God.

Only destruction-Total destruction shall awaken the hearts-some hearts, says the Lord. Only then shall the remnant-even in the great U.S.A.-return to Me. Get prepared for something America has never seen in her lifetime, says the Lord. Get spiritually prepared! Your mighty God speaks."

(Again, scripture received with this message: Isaiah 23)

Get ready for the shaking coming!

Message Received November 25, 2013

Tell the people to get ready-Ready for the shaking, says the Lord...

You say you want specifics and dates, yet all you need to see is the true condition of your hearts toward Me, says the Lord.

No one takes the time to seek My face, says the Lord. You run to and fro and seek the face of many counselors. But am I not your counselor? Your friend? Your only Savior?

The world has done a great and mighty job of deceiving many. And when the true shaking does arrive, many will be knocked off of their own feet, says the Lord.

I've already put the words to speak in you, My child. You have shared and you have warned. Now I shall act, says the Lord. And everyone will know it is I. And many will fall to their knees and declare Me as their Lord, and seek Me and My Word for the days to come. Your mighty God speaks.

Continue to speak to the people, and I will write My law upon many, many hearts...All through My Spirit, My Holy Spirit. Your mighty God speaks.

The Providence Warning
And A National Call To Prayer

God Sends the U.S.A. a Warning
And a Message of Hope for Restoration

God told me that judgment is coming to the U.S.A.! The judgments are close at hand, and once they start, will increase in frequency and strength-Unless America repents and turns their hearts back to God.

In August of 2009, I received a message from God I called "The Providence Warning." With this message came a promise from God, which said: "Have the message read over the airwaves, and My Spirit will move to collect hearts for Me!" God also said He would spare America if hearts turned back to Him.

I did contact some Christian Stations across the U.S.A. in faith-Of course, to no avail. However, I still share this message with all below. Do with it whatever God may place on your heart...


The Providence Warning

Message received August 23, 2009

Many will not turn to Me. But for those who listen-listen spiritually with their own heart, mind and spirit-with an opened heart to Me, says the Lord, I will supernaturally intervene in their lives, in their homes, and in their local churches.

I have a strong message for all who will listen-TURN TO ME TODAY! For coming are many changes to the U.S.A. and world-Sudden changes that will affect the way you see Me, your God-the living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Soon My Son shall return! Very soon! America is now being shakened down to change their views of Me, their Lord-And encouraged to give up all I at one time had blessed America with. If you do not stop today and choose to take a stand for all I AM and stand for-TRUTH-you shall be quickly taken down a road of complete deception and destruction of you, your loved ones, and all you hold dear in your hearts today.

Soon America shall become a different America. And instead of giving you a list of what's to come-I impress on your hearts SALVATION! For, if you have Me in your hearts, I shall be there in your midst to walk and carry you through all that is to come in the days ahead.

I say unto you, 'Come to Me! Turn your heart back to Me and receive me as your Savior and Lord. In Jesus' name.'

Your mighty God speaks to you with much concern. The devil has set many traps. And many of the innocent are being fooled-deceived! Turn to Me and ask Me, your Lord, to save you and show you the truth in all things. Then begin to pray for your families, your churches, your leaders of God to awaken, as well.

A mighty move shall take place over America if hearts will listen and do what I say. If not-America shall see the many troubles begin to unravel, one by one.

I come to collect hearts that belong to Me, says the Lord. Though many have stumbled-turn back to Me!

As for My teachers of God...

I have warned many-some personally. Yet, many have shunned Me with no shame. The time has now come where all who do so today and continue to lead My flock astray-I shall have no mercy for. Now is the time for every teacher and leader of God and the Church to make their choice. Draw your line in the sand-And step over to the right or to the left. For no longer shall you stand in the middle and get away with it, says the Lord. I have My Church. And I shall no longer stand back and allow you to destroy those I love-Those I have called in My name. I shall tend personally in your life and in your home to the (according to the) decision you have made.

Praise My name. Worship Me in Spirit and in Truth! And shake down the walls that keep you and those I have placed under your care from My presence, says the Lord. No false leader inside My Church shall longer be ignored by Me-Or by others called by My name. You shall be ran out-Or even destroyed by My own hand. Your mighty God speaks.

I have sent my many warnings to My Church. Harken to My cry for your Salvation, and stay on the path that leads to Eternal Life.

Know the time in which you, My children, live. Awaken in the Spirit I give to all who ask and receive of Me. And get your homes and churches under My protection. Get ready for the changes coming!

Your mighty Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but through Me. Amen and Amen."


(I asked for Scripture regarding this message, and received Isaiah-Chapter 3, where subtitles read: God will remove the leaders and bring judgment (in verses 1-15) (The American Standard Bible, The Open Bible Edition).

With this message, God also put on my heart the following:

1) THIS MESSAGE IS TIMELESS Share it quickly, often, and for as long a time you can! God will move according to YOUR faith!

2) To start A NATIONAL CALL TO PRAYER...For all hearts across America to seriously return to God and His Word, daily walk through your own home and church, AND PRAY-Asking God to save you and your loved ones, and restore homes, cities and churches across the U.S.A.!

3) TELL THE STATIONS TO FILL THE AIRWAVES WITH THE READING OF GOD'S WORD...To dedicate your broadcast time to reading Scripture-And allow God's Spirit to move over the land.

God is calling America back to Himself, and is reaching out with His love to all who choose to come to His Son, Jesus Christ, for Salvation. Seek Salvation, and grow with God one day at a time! Then do what God calls YOU to do! Just be sure to get the protection of God over your own heart, home and church-No matter how the nation as a whole responds to God!

In regards to God's Church and the preaching of His Word...Many are misusing God's grace and mercy-And leading hearts astray! I believe God is getting American hearts, homes and churches ready for the changes coming; and is calling back His servants and His resources to do it. Time is short. Turn your hearts, service, time and resources back to God and preach His Word, as you pray and ask God to send the Holy Spirit over the U.S.A. to collect hearts to Himself.

I believe we will see God move over the U.S.A. with a loving but stern and swift hand in the near days ahead--According to what God sees. Now is definitely the time to put aside personal interests and agendas, and find out what God really wants.

A follow-up to The Providence Warning

Message received March 9, 2010

"Soon you shall see My hand upon a nation that has turned their backs on Me, their God! For America shall become a broken nation-A rebellious nation.

Place the blood of the Lamb-My blood, says the Lord God-Over your door posts. Let him who chooses Me, says the Lord, respond. For I am coming to a nation with My wrath--My full wrath! For the teachers do not hear. My leaders have become deaf. And all shall turn to them with blame because they did not lead them to My pastures, says the Lord.

You Americans! You who think you know it all but are stupid enough to turn your hearts against Me! Get prepared! For I have a plan, says the Lord, and it is a good plan to combat against your idolatrous rebellion, says God. Yet, it shall take more than once to get you to repent and bow your hearts in shame to Me, your God!

I've had enough! I've warned and warned! And because you did not see the sky falling, you say, 'No wrath of God shall come up against me, for I have everything I need! And I did it with mine own hands! I don't need God!'

But you are fools, says the Lord. Your rebellion has made you to believe a lie-A big lie!

I call upon the hearts of America again! Turn to Me-Especially you teachers of Mine own! For I shall begin (to send) My destruction-And it shall begin in the house of God!

Your loving Lord speaks and warns all who choose to hear to turn your heart back to Me-And rebel no more. Receive salvation and My protection. Speak My Word-My truth-ALL My truth-And lead hearts to Me!"

Scripture received with this message: Isaiah 3:10

(Note, the scripture above is out of the same Scripture given in The Providence Warning above--Where God said He will remove the teachers!)

I share these messages in faith! Please lift them up to God to show you what He wants you to do! For if I'm hearing Him right---There are mighty changes (from the hands of God) coming soon to the U.S.A.! And they will begin in the House of God-With the teachers of God! Note that the scripture above is to remind the righteous, "it will go well with them"-Those who have received Jesus Christ into their hearts and lives and are serving God-Where Jesus Christ is Lord! Beware of running a church where the Lordship of Jesus Christ does not rule! These are the churches and leaders that need to beware-And take these warnings from God serious!

"...And My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." (2 CHRONICLES 7:14)

A National Call To Prayer

God Will Restore America If Hearts Return To Him

I know that the God of the Bible is very loving and patient. But God also has His time for discipline and wrath! I believe God wants to warn the people in America of the dangers coming so they can come to Him for their safety and guidance for eternity (Salvation) and for the days that lie ahead (God's Provision). If Christians in America begin to daily pray to God about our nation (and the warnings shared on this site and by others warning America)...God will intervene and restore the U.S.A. back to the blessed nation it used to be! In fact, I believe God is waiting for true repentance of hearts and their prayers so He can intervene!

We are asking the Nation to pray daily! To turn your own heart and life back to God, and pray for God to quickly awaken and restore American hearts, homes, churches and cities back to Himself! It is also important to note that God will change His mind with prayer. However, if God has focused in on a nation (such as the U.S.A.) and repentant hearts is all God will settle for (again, as in the U.S.A.)--Nothing will stop God's plan of judgment or 'a shaking' with prayer-Only true repentance of hearts will change God's mind and get His attention! God is real and alive, and does discipline those He loves! If anyone (or nation) turns there back on God--Your troubles have just begun! The smart thing to do is to HUMBLE YOURSELF, TURN BACK TO GOD, ASK FOR FORGIVENESS OF SIN, AND FOLLOW HIM!

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MORE ALERTS from others warning the U.S.A.

David Wilkerson-Former Pastor of Times Square Church, New York City
In his March 2009 Newsletter, Pastor Wilkerson gives an urgent warning on an "earth-shattering calamity about to happen in the U.S.A."...

There are many warning the U.S.A. of troubles coming our way! One of these was David Wilkerson. What he warned of does come to pass! He prophesied the fall of the .com's in the Computer Industry-which happened...The collapse of the Housing Market-which happened and is causing many of the economic problems today...And I share with you below another and more recent warning he shared in his March 2009 monthly newsletter...


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Now deceased, his son, Gary Wilkerson, continues their Times Square Newsletter, now called "World Challenge Pulpit Series". For more information, visit The Christian Corner.

Jonathan Cahn-Author of The Harbinger
Shows startling comparisons in events that took place September 11, 2001, and 9 HARBINGERS (judgment's) coming to the U.S.A. if the nation does not return to God!

In interviews he had with 'It's Supernatural', Jonathan Cahn shows startling comparisons in detail of the events that took place on September 11, 2011, and 9 HARBINGERS (judgment's) coming to the U.S.A. if the nation does not return to God! To watch the video, visit The Harbinger site. Stroll down to the bottom of the page and watch the 911 Video. Also click on "Message from Jonathan Cahn." Both are very interesting and informative!

The world we live is going through many shake ups! Keep your eyes and heart on God and share salvation with others, as you go forward in faith. DO NOT allow the quiet times to let you fall to sleep spiritually. Know trying events will continue to come, showing more strength (and destruction) than the event before it.

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At Providence Shop, we warn you of the impossible...And encourage you to prepare for the impossible! In the days ahead, you may experience interruptions in delivery of such items as food, water, and other daily needs. Also, with the anti-God feelings taking place already in the U.S.A., we believe even bibles may be hard to come by in the future. We encourage homes and churches to prepare for both. Search The Christian Corner Shops for Economy Bibles and more. And store at least a 30 day supply of food, water and necessities. Encourage and help your home, church and community prepare for possible changes coming!

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