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The Ezekiel Files is a book for both the Saved and Unsaved, and was written for all Hearts, Homes, Churches, Teachers and Leaders. Find out more about the book, and make sure you and your loved ones belong to God's True Church and Kingdom...

More excerpts from The Ezekiel Files
A wake-up call to the U.S.A.
Make sure you belong to God's Church & Kingdom
Book is shared in 3 parts
A word from the author
Sample Messages
- A foreword on New York City
- Earthquakes to hit the Midwest
- A warning to Pastors: Preparing the Church in America to go underground

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More Excerpts from The Ezekiel Files

- "I come to let My people know I am coming soon!...To warn those who shall open their heart to Me, their Lord, to do so now..."

- "Make My plans well known to My Church... for there are many who stand in fire...for God they do not know!"

- "Much lies shall be told by all governments. You will see a whole world deceived by the ones they put their trust and lives in..."

- "Many shall scatter from country to country trying to find a safe place, but global upheaval will prevent them from doing so..."

- "My wrath shall sweep across the plains and engulf the Mississippi in torment..."

- "The Midwest shall be hit with terrible earthquakes..."

- "You will be seeing much hardships. Food lines will become more prominent in daily life. Businesses will shut down with little notice, and this will happen in the U.S. mostly. My people have lived in their luxuries and have become lost to My ways. Now only My strength and guidance shall see you through to My perfect care and peace..."

- "U.S. Marshals shall come on the scene... Riots shall turn city streets into unsafe havens..."

- "There is a church not of Me...I come to warn you! It is a church of this world...It is a counterfeit church. This church is your enemy, and you are to beware of her!...Church doors will become locked and city streets blocked off..."

- "An unexpected air strike(s) aimed at the U.S.A.--And it does hit U.S.A. soil--will immediately change the whole outlay of the U.S.A. strategic planning and arms defense..."

- "There is a climatic change soon to occur whereby the whole earth shall be shaking...You shall see puzzled scientists and impossible relief efforts..."

- "Overnight circumstances shall change the face of the whole world...This world domination with the religious sect will be your Babylon...It will effect all peoples, tongues and nations...Seek your salvation while it can still be found!"

Below is an excerpt from a Message Received on February 25, 1990
Taken from "The Ezekiel Files" (also shared on the Christian Corner)

"Every area of life shall be seeing changes; changes in attitudes toward Me, your God, changes in geographic and scientific atmospheres, and much family situations. Everything that looks bad now shall become even more intolerable. Increases of incest, murder, child abductions, school rapes and others, abuse of all sorts shall increase drastically in a short period of time! My call is for you to enter into My presence by coming to Me for your protection and security by acknowledging Me as your Savior and Lord. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God! Know this and come to Me. For I am the only way!"

"What you see to the East is coming to the West!"
God is warning HEARTS to get prepared!"

This Book is a Wake-up Call-Especially to the U.S.A.

In The Ezekiel Files, you will read over 130 messages and warnings from God to hearts, homes, churches, teachers and leaders...As God warns of coming events around the world and warns the U.S.A. to get prepared for tough times ahead!

Warnings received from God twenty years ago are coming to pass today! Many of the warnings are for the United States of America where God calls on hearts for salvation, church and government leaders to do His will, and homes and churches to get ready for the changes coming!

An Important Note:

Make sure you belong to God's Church & Kingdom

Many go to church and think they are saved because of it. On the other hand, many do not go to church and think they will never be saved. The truth is God has a Kingdom and Church that has nothing to do with church attendance or anything we can do ourself. It is a Kingdom with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! And we can only enter in through ONE DOOR, JESUS CHRIST! When we receive Jesus as our Savior and Lord, we have just entered into God's Kingdom, Family and Church. And because we believe, have asked Jesus to forgive us, and have received Jesus into our own heart, we have received the Holy Spirit inside of us. AND A CHANGE TAKES PLACE inside of us because of the Holy Spirit. This is God's mark of ownership in you, and this is WHO takes you up into heaven when you leave this world behind!

Visit the links on the home page and the Christian Corner. Find out how to get God into your own heart and get saved today! Make sure you belong to God's True Church, and place your trust in all Jesus Christ did on the cross for your Salvation each day. Then begin to pray for your own household to be saved.

In THE EZEKIEL FILES, God speaks to hearts for Salvation, reveals what His Church is, and prepares all who belong to The Church for the days to come. Make sure you are a part of His Church and belong to Him. Then get to know Him, as you get your home and church ready for the changes coming!

The Ezekiel Files is shared in 3 Parts
(Messages and Warnings are included in each chapter)


Chapters 1-5 are derived from Newsletters that were previously shared with 70 Church Headquarters and Organizations (who were asked to share them with their church). This report includes most of the messages received, along with some teachings. Most of the messages and warnings included are dated between December of 1987 to December 2000.


Chapters 6-12 include studies and reports (along with more messages and warnings) to help prepare Hearts, Homes, and Churches for eternity and the days that lie ahead. It includes the following:

Chapter 6: The Process of Salvation (A study received from God on how to make sure your salvation is complete).

Chapter 7: A Study on Nicodemus and Paul (Two examples God uses for the born again experience; the entire study is shared in messages received from God).

Chapter 8: Waking Up The Church (How God may see His Church now, and why His children need to wake-up; also includes a list from God on what a true leader is).

Chapter 9: Know Who Your Teacher Is (A study that warns about false teachers inside the Church, the part they play in end-time events, how the world is being set up today, what to beware of, and their characteristics. Also includes a message from God on "Why God wanted this study done!")

Chapter 10: Preparing the Church in America to Go Underground (Includes a Special Message and Warning to the Church, warns of coming persecution to Christians in America, and gives guidelines for church leaders to seriously prepare their congregations for what lies ahead.)

Chapter 11: Preparing Your Household (Warns of coming and challenging changes that could effect your household; and how you, as a Christian, should react to it and prepare. Includes warnings of impossible situations that will alert households ahead of time, so they will not be surprised or fearful, but will operate by faith!)

Chapter 12: Final Warnings to America (Includes messages where God compares Judah to America's sins and coming judgment! It includes warnings to leaders, teachers, and all who live in the United States...And ends with a Final Message and Warning to the Church!)


The author shares her personal story and how the messages began. It includes the first six messages received, which began in December of 1987. She shares her story to encourage others to cry out to God and find out how real He is! And to show how supernaturally God can work in your life-home-and marriage, how He still makes house calls today, how He can place a protection over you-your children-your loved ones-and your home, how nothing is impossible with God, that prayer does work, and that God still comes to save and work with His children today! 

A word from the author

I have seen enough to step out in faith to warn as many as possible to get prepared for serious and overnight changes I believe is coming to the whole world-And to American homes and churches! However, because of the information shared and some of the frightening events mentioned, caution must be taken while reading this book! Please respond wisely to these messages and to seek God and His Word for direction before you act on any message or advice shared in this book. Never respond quickly to something just because of what you were told, read, or heard. Always ask and wait on God first about what He wants YOU to do...Then proceed in faith with God's guidance!

Know that the information shared in The Ezekiel Files does not necessarily depict the current or future conditions of all churches, leaders, institutions, or government. Ask God for wisdom and discernment when filtering out the information you read, and when seeing situations arise in the future. Keep in mind that some messages in this book took years to happen! Many messages are also not fully understood until they take place. Likewise, some messages are just the beginning signal to what's to come, and seem to start a chain reaction of future events. (Note how events like Lithuania, the Baltics, Mesopotamia, Israel, Syria, and more, have been shared for years but are still seen in news events today. Situations in these areas just keep coming back in the news and in the world scene over and over again. Remember, when things are repeated...Pay special attention to it!)

I am very concerned on how some of the messages are beginning to come to light! I encourage you to find some quiet time with God to read the whole book of The Ezekiel Files, and to read it from front to back. While editing this book with God in faith, it seemed very important to God on how this book flowed from the beginning to the end. Thus, I believe this is how you will receive the most from this book. Also, before you begin to read (and while you are reading), ask God to reveal Himself to you, show you the truth about all shared, and do not be afraid to ask God questions!

This is a book I strongly recommend you have on your bookshelf before the shaking begins! It is also a book you want to share with your loved ones. I return to it often when I feel myself slipping away from what I believe God has called me to do. Also, many who have read the book are truly being saved and getting to know God. (They also use the index in the back of the book when they notice certain events reported on the nightly news.) It is my hope that in writing and sharing The Ezekiel Files, many will be alerted to what could really happen even in the U.S.A., and people will begin to pray and seriously turn their hearts, homes and churches back to God. Though I write much about the changes coming, turning hearts back to God and the Bible is the main purpose in sharing The Ezekiel Files with you.

I want you to know that no matter what happens in the days to come, there is hope in Jesus Christ! God can turn things around! Nothing is impossible with God! What God the Father wants from you is for you to receive His Son, Jesus Christ, into your heart, and turn your ways back to God and His Word...Then to spend time with God each day and get to know Him! If we all would do this, God could begin to turn things around in our hearts, homes, churches, cities and nation! Please keep this in mind as you read The Ezekiel Files (Messages from God).

Know that I did my best in sharing with you what I believe God shared with me. Though I know my work will not be perfect, I share it with you carefully, in faith, and with a great respect for God. It is my hope you will read it and respond to it in the same way.

Sincerely, C. M. Edwards

The Ezekiel Files (Messages from God)

What's revealed inside "The Ezekiel Files" will startle you, inspire you, teach you, and help you and your loved ones find your safe place with God. Make sure you and your household are saved! And get your home and church ready for the changes coming!

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(Includes author's story at end of book)

Sample Messages
Taken from The Ezekiel Files

A Foreword On New York City
(And A Warning to the U.S.A.)

Shortly before printing began on this book (at the end of 2001), I made the decision to include this foreword. God had been tugging at my heart earlier to do so, but I didn't want to include anything about the New York incident because it was so tragic. No one ever thought such a crisis could happen in the U.S.A.! America always seemed to be protected by God. But on that day, things changed.

My heart and prayers go out to all who were affected from this tragedy that took place in New York City and Washington, D.C., on September 11, 2001. There were so many innocent lives lost, and this was definitely a very sad day for America. It's also a scary thing to watch America experience, once again, something that we only thought could take place in other parts of the world. But when I watched our symbols of wealth and freedom being attacked, I couldn't help but also think we, as a nation, were in big trouble--with God!

This is a book of warnings. It was written to encourage others to stop what they're doing, and find their safe place with God while they still have time to do so. I believe there are many changes coming! We live in a great nation. But, as you will read, even the U.S.A. might change in the days that lie ahead. And what God began to show me about the September 11 tragedy was nothing close to the message of "peace and safety" I was hearing from others that were speaking out to America . . .

I first go back to a message I received on November 9, 1997, which included the following statement: "An unexpected air strike(s) aimed at the U.S.A.--and it does hit U.S.A. soil--will immediately change the whole outlay of the U.S.A. strategic planning and arms defense."

I couldn't help but wonder if this statement was referring to what happened to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. While searching for answers, God led me back to a chapter in the Bible he took me to many times in the previous months before the September 11 tragedy. The chapter was Isaiah 23, "The Fall of Tyre." (Tyre is an ancient city located on the Mediterranean.) I didn't understand why God kept taking me back to this chapter. So I finally began to search for other Scriptures that referred to Tyre in the Bible. In doing so, I came upon Ezekiel 26, where the heading read, "The Judgment of Tyre." (The whole word about Tyre actually includes Chapters 26-28.)

I encourage you to read these Scriptures. For, after I read especially Ezekiel 26, I was amazed to find out how close it described the picture of what happened in New York City. I also went back to read Isaiah 23 again, and in verse 9, was surprised to find out "Who" planned Tyre's fall, and why. After I did some research on Tyre, I also noticed the following similarities between Tyre and New York: It was a city known for its beauty and economic wealth, it was a maritime center and important seaport for world commerce and trade, and it was a city greatly admired and visited by many nations around the world. I suddenly realized that God could be using Tyre as an example to what occurred in New York City when the twin towers crashed to the ground! I especially believed this after He gave me the following warning to the United States of America: "Follow the path Tyre took, from beginning to end. Thus, you will see what's coming to the U.S.A.--If she does not repent."

The Bible supplies us with many examples, and warnings to heed, so we will take God serious and turn our hearts back to Him. Is Tyre being used as an example from God to America? What if America turned its back on God? And God turned His back on America for just a second? Is there something America is doing that God doesn't approve of? Would God allow this tragedy to happen to wake America up and get her to turn back to Him? Is it an example to be shared with others around the world?

God is shaking all the nations! What He is looking for is hearts! Thus, I believe even America must get prepared for difficult times ahead. I have seen God warn of impossible situations in this book--Some that are coming to pass! I encourage you to turn your hearts back to God, as you take this foreword and the other information shared in this book serious. I share it to both America and the world, knowing one day I will have to stand before God and give an account. I hope you will read it with the same seriousness to prepare you and your loved ones for that day, as well.

Earthquakes to hit the Midwest

U.S.A. warned again to prepare for Midwest earthquakes that could bring total destruction

Recently, God has drawn my attention back to a Midwest Earthquake Warning I received in February of 1990 in my book "The Ezekiel Files". As mentioned on the Main Page, I believe the U.S.A. is being warned again to get prepared!

Below is the earthquake message and information received over 20 years ago, taken from The Ezekiel Files

On the evening of February 18th, 1990, I received the following message

"The Midwest shall be hit with terrible earthquakes within next few days. Prepare, for I warn you ahead of time. My warning shall be strong and awaken the hearts of My children. Seek comfort and safety in the palms of your Almighty God...You shall hear of strong tremors flowing through the Mississippi. When this happens, prepare yourself ahead of time for total destruction. My hand shall uphold you in My right hand. Your loving Lord speaks."

(God is not limited to time as we are. Therefore, a few days could mean a few years, months, a short time, etc. See Job 14:1, "is of a few days." It refers to short-lived, or but a short time.)

The ground did begin to shake in the Missouri area shortly after this, but no major earthquake occurred (I believe because there was prayer). And although there was no date given as to when it was to occur, there was a sign given whereby we would be warned of it ahead of time: "...When you hear of strong tremors flowing through the Mississippi..." Because I also believe this message was just delayed, this is what I will keep my ears opened for.

I did send this particular newsletter to a few Seismologists in the Midwest. Since then, I have also heard more and more on the concern Seismologists to this day are having on the Midwest and along the Mississippi, and they are keeping a close eye on this area! In the near future you will be seeing earthquakes in areas where they're "not suppose" to happen. The Midwest is just one area where this is occuring.

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Preparing The Church In America
To Go Underground

Many years back, I happened to turn on a Christian Radio Station and heard someone talking about the 'underground church'. The guest speaker on the show was from China and was explaining what it was like to be a Christian in a nation where the church is persecuted and has to operate underground. After listening to her, I was shocked as to how it related to some of the information I share in The Ezekiel Files! It was like she was reading off the pages in my book! The words she spoke still encourages me today to continue to share these messages and warnings-Especially like the one I share below.

This is a message to Pastors taken from Chapter 10 in The Ezekiel Files, "Preparing the Church in America to go Underground". What would your church do if one day you woke up and saw soldiers and tanks in your streets, city blocks closed off, your leaders of God arrested (or killed), and your church doors locked? Though it may seem impossible, we are warned, "What we see to the East is coming to the West"-Even in the United States of America!

I received this message in August of 1998

"I come to let My people know of the harm that is coming your way! Listen to Me, all ye churches that love Me, that are ruled by My Name, by My Spirit, says the Lord God.

Be ye of one Spirit, one Baptism, one Lord. Are ye not all bought by the blood I shed for you? Then walk as one, says the Lord.

There is a church not of Me, says the Lord. I come to warn you. It is a church of this world-not of My Spirit nor of Me-but of this world. It is a counterfeit church. This church is your enemy, and you are to beware of her!

I call all teachers and leaders of God to seek My face. Spend much quiet time with Me to be led of My Spirit, says the Lord, and He shall tell you which way to go. He shall alert you of danger that lies ahead and guide you and My Church to your safe spot. Listen carefully and obey. It could save your life and the lives of others. Your mighty God speaks.

Church doors will become locked and city streets blocked off. Plan ahead for this. Have meeting places-underground churches. Beware of all the information you behold that could put others in harms way. Begin now to plan. Discard of all data you no longer need that contains pertinent information of members of your congregation. Hold all necessary data on removable disks, always taking it home with you at the end of the day. For what's to come shall happen quickly and overnight. Begin this day to prepare.

Meet with other members. Discuss what you should do when this occurs. Create a buddy system to check on each other, and begin to stock up-but not at your church location but in meeting homes. And keep your plans within your congregation. Help other churches do the same.

What you see to the east is coming to the west! So prepare accordingly. Your mighty God speaks.

Your faith shall be strong. Just depend on Me, your Lord, every day and learn-discern My voice. For My sheep know My voice, says the Lord. And I am their Shepherd.

I will guide all who look to me and I will help your church prepare if you seek My face, fast and pray, and turn your whole lives over to Me, says the Lord. Together as one we'll conquer all things. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be given unto you. Your mighty God speaks.

Do not procrastinate. Begin today. Take each step as a step of faith-a step I shall honor, says the Lord. Amen.

Remember, I am with you even to the ends of the earth. Begin to prepare hearts for Me. Preach salvation brought about only through the blood of Jesus Christ. Then preach My Resurrection Life unto all! In Jesus' name. Amen and Amen. Walk in faith. Your mighty God speaks.

Read Exodus to study and learn from it, for it shall be much like this-all led of My Spirit."

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