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God Urges Christians To Take A Stand in "The Providence Warning"


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The messages shared on this page are part of the New Messages Collection received after THE EZEKIEL FILES was published in 2001. I continue to share them to lead hearts to Jesus Christ...And because many of the warnings are still coming to pass and seen running across the screens of CNN, FOX and other National TV Stations. Get alone with God and ask Him to show you the truth as you read all that is shared at Providence Shop. Now is the time to get you and your loved ones saved...And your Home and Church ready for the changes coming!


Information taken from The Providence Warning and a National Call to Prayer

"I have a strong message for all who will listen. TURN TO ME TODAY! For coming are many changes to the U.S.A. and world-Sudden changes that will affect the way you see Me, your God...America is now being shakened down to change their views of Me, their Lord, and encouraged to give up all I at one time had blessed America with. If you do not stop today and choose to take a stand for all I AM and stand for-TRUTH-you shall be quickly taken down a road of complete deception and destruction of you, your loved ones, and all you hold dear in your hearts today..."

THE PROVIDENCE WARNING reveals how God will spare America if hearts return to Him. In it, God warns America of the deceptive path it's on, encourages it to take a stand for truth, and calls on hearts for Salvation. God also reveals His anger against the teachers and leaders of God who are not doing His will, and calls on them to repent and return to the preaching of The Gospel!


God Sends the U.S.A. a Warning
And a Message of Hope for Restoration

God told me that judgment is coming to the U.S.A.! The judgments are close at hand, and once they start, will increase in frequency and strength-Unless America repents and turns their hearts back to God.

In August of 2009, I received a message from God I called "The Providence Warning." With this message came a promise from God, which said: "Have the message read over the airwaves, and My Spirit will move to collect hearts for Me!" God also said He would spare America if hearts turned back to Him.

I did contact some Christian Stations across the U.S.A. in faith-Of course, to no avail. Today I received a tugging on my heart to share this message again. Please heed to the warning, and do with it whatever God may place on your heart...

The Providence Warning

Message received August 23, 2009

"Many will not turn to Me. But for those who listen-listen spiritually with their own heart, mind and spirit-with an opened heart to Me, says the Lord, I will supernaturally intervene in their lives, in their homes, and in their local churches.

I have a strong message for all who will listen-TURN TO ME TODAY! For coming are many changes to the U.S.A. and world-Sudden changes that will affect the way you see Me, your God-the living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Soon My Son shall return! Very soon! America is now being shakened down to change their views of Me, their Lord-And encouraged to give up all I at one time had blessed America with. If you do not stop today and choose to take a stand for all I AM and stand for-TRUTH-you shall be quickly taken down a road of complete deception and destruction of you, your loved ones, and all you hold dear in your hearts today.

Soon America shall become a different America. And instead of giving you a list of what's to come-I impress on your hearts SALVATION! For, if you have Me in your hearts, I shall be there in your midst to walk and carry you through all that is to come in the days ahead.

I say unto you, 'Come to Me! Turn your heart back to Me and receive me as your Savior and Lord. In Jesus' name.'

Your mighty God speaks to you with much concern. The devil has set many traps. And many of the innocent are being fooled-deceived! Turn to Me and ask Me, your Lord, to save you and show you the truth in all things. Then begin to pray for your families, your churches, your leaders of God to awaken, as well.

A mighty move shall take place over America if hearts will listen and do what I say. If not-America shall see the many troubles begin to unravel, one by one.

I come to collect hearts that belong to Me, says the Lord. Though many have stumbled-turn back to Me!"

As for My teachers of God...

"I have warned many-some personally. Yet, many have shunned Me with no shame. The time has now come where all who do so today and continue to lead My flock astray-I shall have no mercy for. Now is the time for every teacher and leader of God and the Church to make their choice. Draw your line in the sand-And step over to the right or to the left. For no longer shall you stand in the middle and get away with it, says the Lord. I have My Church. And I shall no longer stand back and allow you to destroy those I love-Those I have called in My name. I shall tend personally in your life and in your home to the (according to the) decision you have made.

Praise My name. Worship Me in Spirit and in Truth! And shake down the walls that keep you and those I have placed under your care from My presence, says the Lord. No false leader inside My Church shall longer be ignored by Me-Or by others called by My name. You shall be ran out-Or even destroyed by My own hand. Your mighty God speaks.

I have sent my many warnings to My Church. Harken to My cry for your Salvation, and stay on the path that leads to Eternal Life.

Know the time in which you, My children, live. Awaken in the Spirit I give to all who ask and receive of Me. And get your homes and churches under My protection. Get ready for the changes coming!

Your mighty Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but through Me. Amen and Amen."

A follow-up to The Providence Warning

Message received March 9, 2010

"Soon you shall see My hand upon a nation that has turned their backs on Me, their God! For America shall become a broken nation-A rebellious nation.

Place the blood of the Lamb-My blood, says the Lord God-Over your door posts. Let him who chooses Me, says the Lord, respond. For I am coming to a nation with My wrath--My full wrath! For the teachers do not hear. My leaders have become deaf. And all shall turn to them with blame because they did not lead them to My pastures, says the Lord.

You Americans! You who think you know it all but are stupid enough to turn your hearts against Me! Get prepared! For I have a plan, says the Lord, and it is a good plan to combat against your idolatrous rebellion, says God. Yet, it shall take more than once to get you to repent and bow your hearts in shame to Me, your God!

I've had enough! I've warned and warned! And because you did not see the sky falling, you say, 'No wrath of God shall come up against me, for I have everything I need! And I did it with mine own hands! I don't need God!'

But you are fools, says the Lord. Your rebellion has made you to believe a lie-A big lie!

I call upon the hearts of America again! Turn to Me-Especially you teachers of Mine own! For I shall begin (to send) My destruction-And it shall begin in the house of God!

Your loving Lord speaks and warns all who choose to hear to turn your heart back to Me-And rebel no more. Receive salvation and My protection. Speak My Word-My truth-ALL My truth-And lead hearts to Me!"

Scripture received with both parts of this message was Isaiah 3, where subtitles read: God will remove the leaders and bring judgment (in verses 1-15) (The American Standard Bible, The Open Bible Edition).

With this message, God also put on my heart the following:

1) THIS MESSAGE IS TIMELESS Share it quickly, often, and for as long a time you can! God will move according to YOUR faith!

2) To start A NATIONAL CALL TO PRAYER...For all hearts across America to seriously return to God and His Word, daily walk through your own home and church, AND PRAY-Asking God to save you and your loved ones, and restore homes, cities and churches across the U.S.A.!

3) TELL THE STATIONS TO FILL THE AIRWAVES WITH THE READING OF GOD'S WORD...To dedicate your broadcast time to reading Scripture-And allow God's Spirit to move over the land.

God is calling America back to Himself, and is reaching out with His love to all who choose to come to His Son, Jesus Christ, for Salvation. Seek Salvation, and grow with God one day at a time! Then do what God calls YOU to do! Just be sure to get the protection of God over your own heart, home and church-No matter how the nation as a whole responds to God! Make sure you and your household are saved...And your home and church ready for the changes coming!



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Providence Shop is the home page to The Ezekiel Files (Messages from God), and has warned homes and churches to get ready for changes coming to the U.S.A. and world for almost 30 years.

For many years, we have sent 'God's Warnings' to main Denominations and World Agencies. Now we are reaching out to families and the local church...

There's something about
The Ezekiel Files

The messages in this book have been shared for almost 30 years...As God calls on hearts to be saved and pastors to prepare the local church and return to the preaching of The Gospel. But you will also see events warned about years ago still coming to pass today, and running across the screens of FOX, MSNBC, CNN and other World News channels (even sometimes using the same words and phrases as used in the messages).

There is something about this book, as God warns of upcoming situations-Warnings you will not find anywhere else! God also seems to give a personal invitation to Salvation to whoever reads it, and leaves behind many confirmations that the messages are from Him.

We encourage you to step back from the crowd, get alone with God, and ask Him to show you the truth...As you read "The Ezekiel Files (Messages from God)."



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Includes beginning warnings to America, Review of Book, and New Messages to Church and U.S.A.

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When one person in a home gets saved, and they begin to pray for loved ones, God comes in and saves the whole household! Read Adrian's Story (see link below) and the story behind The Ezekiel Files (at the end of the book) and find out how God still makes house-calls today. Then pray for your loved ones to be saved.

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