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Preparing for the unexpected


With all the changes going on in the world we live, it is wise to stay alert and be prepared for the unexpected...To think AHEAD OF TIME on what you would do IF there were no electricity, no gas, a shortage of food and water in the grocery stores, civil unrest in the streets, and so on. Times are changing. The time to think about these things and begin to prepare is today!

This is just a general information page for how to prepare. Everyone's needs and situations differ. This page will include ideas, comments, products and resources…As we encourage you to make both short-term and long-term plans. It's never too late to begin the process. Preparing can be done to fit your own personal budget and needs, in a home or an apartment, and on a small or large scale. So, don't worry if you do not have years of supplies stock-piled (many do not), or garden space or a greenhouse (many do not). With careful decision making and some creativity, you can begin today to plan out what you think you and your household (church or group) will need so you can avoid the hassel of entering out to get your food or supplies during a time of possible panic and civil unrest in the streets of your city or town.


Short-term Planning

It's wise to plan short-term for events that may happen that could empty store shelves in an hour because of coming storms, civil unrest, or a major event that could prevent transportation from coming into your city or town. With situations like this, people will panic and fight for what they need. In the event of a major catastrophe, help from Fema can take a minimum of three to four days. Even when help does come to provide the essentials, you want to avoid the lines if possible. You do not want to be out there if you don't have to. This is why you want to begin to do your own short-term planning today!

To plan short-term, we just suggest you buying extra food, water and supplies when you go to the grocery or discount store. Purchase items you already use and begin to stock up. Be wise in the food items you decide to store. Keep in mind you might not have electricity to cook or to keep your frozen foods. Best are food items you can eat that need no cooking or refrigeration/freezing. Try to provide your daily food needs with little or no preparation needed. (Examples: Peanut butter, crackers, individual packs of applesauce/fruit, raisins, cereal, breakfast bars, powdered milk or juices (like tang), juice boxes, canned tuna or salmon, canned or dried fruit and vegetables, and the like.) And keep plenty of paper products on hand (cups, plates, etc.).

To have a supply of other items you may need, just think through your day of all you use and need. Then add to that list the items you would need if utilities were unavailable (such as electricity for lights and cooking, or gas for cooking or heat). Some items may include prescriptions, vitamins, soap, toilet paper, personal hygiene products, first-aid kit, candles, batteries, flashlights, extra blankets, and the like.

Note: This is also a good time to start adding to your dried goods food list that, if you have to, can use for long-term planning (like beans, lentils, rice, noodles, etc.). These foods have a long shelf life, and many (like beans and lentils) will provide your daily need for protein.

We have also included some shops for EMERGENCY FOOD AND SUPPLIES to the right.

There are many sites on the internet that provide free information on how to prepare, even for apartment living. (Keep in mind, if electricity goes out, you will not have the internet. So get your information now, print it, and file it for later use.)

Long-term Planning (back to the basics)

Most long-term planning involves going back to the basics and doing everything the way your Grandparents did it. To be able to do this, you need to plan for what you will need ahead of time. Things in the U.S. and world could change drastically and fast! Again, knowing what you are going to do ahead of time provides for less fear and better planning…Just in case the unthinkable happens. Also, the longer you wait, the more expensive items can be; especially if it's during a time of shortage and upheaval.

Growing Seeds The first thing everyone should do is purchase garden seeds (to grow your own food), sprouting seeds (to supply a fast and high-nutritious food supply), and herb seeds (for medicinal purposes). The seeds should be non-hybrid (meaning you can reuse the seeds from the plants you grow). Most seeds sold on this site have a shelf life of 5-7 years, and that's okay as long as you plan to use them during this time. However, we also suggest you purchase seed to store that has a shelf life of 20-25 years-Especially if you're also planning ahead for your children and grandchildren. For seed you can purchase and even bury in the ground for up to 20 years, see Solutions For Science (seen to the right). To go right to the 20 YEAR SEED VAULT page, click here. (Also be sure to visit their home page...They, like many shops on our site, provide a lot of information, ideas and a large variety of great products!)

Fishing Supplies People fish everyday. For those of us who do not, now is the time to think about adding this past time to your long-term planning. Get what you would need today (poles, hooks, etc.) just incase you need to add fish to your protein food supply.

Water Supply We can live many days without food, but only three days without water. Because no one can store enough water for years at a time, you will need to find an alternative water source and learn how to distill or purify it yourself. Though you should have extra water in your home at all times, for a long-term solution, we suggest locating a body of water close by and finding a DIY project that will help you do this. Purchase what you will need today so you can put the project into action if needed in the future. Again, more information can be found on the internet and by browsing our Online Shops.

Energy Supply There are long-term solutions to even energy needs. Companies supply regular generators for homes and businesses (which you will need gas for, if it's available), and battery power packs you can use in apartments. Though these might work even for short-term, the smartest idea is learning how to use solar energy by making your own (with Solar Panels and the like)-Even for apartments. Search out some of the shops on this site for ideas on how to do this.

These are just some general things to get started on preparing for the unexpected. Some of this might seem extreme (especially if you have not been noticing the changes that have already taken place in our nation and world). But it's reality, and it is wise to be prepared! We have just begun this process ourselves, and will be adding new products to this site that we think might be of help.


Browse our Online Shops

We are affiliates to a few online shops (which began as a hobby a few years ago), and have added these shops with the information we share to provide additional resources in preparing. Browse the shops below. They are very informative and will give you some great ideas...Non-hybrid seeds, how to grow your own food indoors & out, extra food, water & storage ideas, emergency kits, camping supplies, solar power & generators, battery packs, and more!

(Be sure to see the Preparedness Warning on the main page)


(Most shops carry a wide selection of products)


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Growing Indoors

We encourage everyone to learn how to grow your own food whether you live in a home or apartment! Garden Towers are currently being used in greenhouses, hoop-houses, sun-rooms, on patios, and indoors! (To find out more about Growing Indoors, click on the Resource tab at the top of The Garden Tower Project page.)

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